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the Vengeance of the Lord

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"Forgetfulness can sometimes bring freedom, of a sort."

Canon details and physical characteristics:

Raguel is in his late thirties or mid-forties, with pale blue eyes. (Canon says 'dark' eyes but hey, it was outside after midnight.) His clothes are rather shabby and unremarkable. He is technically an angel, and still retains most of the powers he once had, although he has lost his wings and can not return to Heaven. The powers he consciously uses, however, are fairly limited other than those associated with his function. As an angel, his function is to act as the Vengeance of the Lord, a duty which he continues to try to fulfill as he sees fit. He can cause people to forget wrongs they have committed and the associated guilt, or he can punish wickedness with a destructive white flame. He often knows when someone is lying, and he knows who people are. What they've done is sometimes part of this. He is powerful enough to destroy other angels or demons, if necessary. Sometimes the decision is not his to make. If your character is even partially demonic or evil, it may not be wise to sneak up on him.

There is also a nasty rumor among the angels that he Fell along with Lucifer and the rest. It's not true, but if your character is one who would have heard such things, feel free to have them react accordingly. :)

ETA: Raguel has found his wings as of summer 2006, and it remains to be seen whether he can actually use them to return home. They are not visible, however, unless specified in thread or entrance post.

This journal is used for roleplaying games in [info]milliways_bar. The character of Raguel is borrowed from the short story "Murder Mysteries" by Neil Gaiman, and no profit is being made.

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