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Raguel doesn't like being this close to the Core if he can help it, but business has taken him there and he always follows business, even when it runs.

The location means he finds himself in the bar of a larger club than usual, trying to dig up some information on the particularly fleet-footed, paranoid target who'd jumped onto the nearest ship and fled for the Core. Raguel had watched the ship take off, then went to find something to eat before following. More interesting if you let them get a head start. But the chase that began with the border planets has led him to this dive, all sleek screens and dust-free furniture, and he's never been what you'd call comfortable with luxury.

He didn't bother wishing up any nicer clothes as he doesn't intend to be here long. He's in the middle of a nice chat with the shapely bartender about what she had for breakfast (he could almost see it, with a neckline that dipped that low) when he sees a still image of Crowley come up on the video newsfeed behind her.

He's already entertained some vague ideas about stopping off on Lavinia as long as he's in the neighborhood, so to speak, and if Crowley isn't at home then there's little point in him going by and scaring the Bentley employees. Besides the fun of it, of course.

He turns up the silent feed with a gesture, and the girl behind the bar disappears with some loud excuse about power fluctuations and nosy customers. Completely absorbed now, he doesn't notice.

"...ship's location is currently unknown," says the reporter, "but it is now feared that Bentley Aeronautics' flagship, as well as its CEO, have fallen prey to the very Reaver collective the group was following to Amesbury."

Five minutes later, he's waving Southdown Abbey.

After Aziraphael comes into the room, sits down, dismisses his messenger, fiddles with the reception, and can't reasonably occupy himself with other minutiae, the fact that Raguel hasn't actually said anything becomes much more conspicuous. When Aziraphael looks up, Raguel is watching him and twisting at the hem of his fraying shirt. Finally he leans in, anxious eyes searching the angel's face.

"Do you know?"
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